Hi everyone, I´m not quite sure if this is the right part of the forum to post this but well, here i am xD.
I wanted to ask if it isn´t bad(for the guitar) to change the bridge possition, ´cos my fender strat has the bridge at a height of 1/8" i think , and i want to put it all the way down (like in contact with the body of the guitar).
It's not bad, but you'll get different sounds. Do try and experiment as see if you really want it down so low.

EDIT: I thought you were talking of pickup height... my mistake.

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strat bridges (assuming its a vintage trem) DO contact the body....did u float it and u want to set it back? maybe a picture would help?

this is also assuming ur talking about the bridge and not the bridge pickup
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hey, first of all i meant "bridge height" no bridge posittion xD. And i didn´t float it, it came like that when i bought it.
I think what you want to do is block the bridge to imitate a hardtail? First of all, how come? If you like the way it sounds and arent having tuning problems you can leave it alone and it should be fine. Otherwise, it's perfectly safe to block the bridge. Basically, you tighten the springs below the bridge so it pulls the bridge against the body of the guitar. then, wedge a piece of wood between in there and restring so the tension pulls the birdge against the wood, holding everything solidly in place.

That was a terrible description and i don't have pics so give it a quick search here or in google. There's youtube videos too. Good luck!
The strat bridge is fully height adjustasble, guess why it is adjustable, so you can adjust it to your playing needs.

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