So I'm trying to decide between the Epiphone Dot Studio and the Epiphone Dot. I want a guitar similar to the Tom Delonge signature (I'm a huge AVA and Blink fan), but I don't really want the signature guitar because of how limiting it is (1 pick-up, no tone knob). I was wondering what the main difference between the studio model and regular model is. Is it worth the extra $130 for the regular? On the Guitar Center site, the Studio got higher ratings, but on UG the regular model got higher ratings. I have a $150 gift card for Guitar Center and am looking for a guitar in this style. I already own a Fender Tele MIM and Ibanez s540ez. I play through a B-52 AT-112.

All help is appreciated!
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The standard Epis generally have better all round features than the Studios. Definitely worth the extra.
The standard dots have a tone and volume knob for each pickup, the pickups have covers, there is a pickguard, The colours/finishes are more glossy then the studio's.

Essentially the same guitar but the studio lacks some features, therefore this brings the price down.