You can find em, Gee, I dunno.

Maybe on this website? after all, it's called ultimate-GUITAR.com
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'Practice amp' = amp you practice with? In my case, Peavey 6505+ and 4x12
I don't do things small

Except children.
The Human Race is Doomed.
On playing the Paul Gilbert signature at the guitar store extensively, my missus sighed:
"Put it down now, It's like you love that guitar more than me!"
In Which I replied.
"Well it has got two F-Holes!"
I was sure I read the title of that post wrong...

Guess not...

Maybe he's being hilarious...?

In case all the sarcasm didn't help, young padawan- I mean andrewan; you can find all that on this site. Go to the main website and there'll be a searchbar at the top. You can search by song name or artist; it's all there.


How to achieve Frank Zappa's guitar tone:
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Step 1: Buy a Gibson SG
Step 2: Insert Green Ringer, EQ, 3 dead squirrels and a microwave into said SG
Step 3: Plug in and freak the **** out.