Hey guys, just another song about a girl and a failed relationship.

Probably a reason there are so many, right?

In any case, let's all help turn this one into not just another song about a girl and a failed relationship.

C4C, gladly.

Maybe I didn't see what you saw
But I saw love
Now I can barely see my own hands
The light you held is gone

I admit I couldn't give in to you
I was far too scared
Now it turns out I was all too right
And I miss being wrong

You're the One that Got Away
I'm left with my own shadow
When I look at him he looks away
Tells me, I told you so
I liked this piece, probably because I've wrote similar stuff to this before.
The first verse was fine except for the light line. I liked that you talked about what each of you seen in the relationship even if it wasn't what the other person wanted, but it seems that the way you described the girl as "your light" has been used one too many times before.

Apart from that a solid piece of work. Keep it up.

I found this to be a very good piece, and a good take on what is a very heavily used genre. I too think that the "light" line was a bit cliche', but was written in well. Also, rhyming away with away in the last stanza seemed a bit iffy :P

In any case, an excellent piece - keep up the good work.

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