hello friends --

now i ve playing guitar for 4 months

i know alot of thing now --
but DAMN I DONT know why that barre chord so hard

i dont how to put my first finger !!! ? the third string and the fourth from top always dont make sound OR make so bad sound !! :X idk why -- i put my first finger -- not on the flat part - i role it a little 45 Degree !! it doesnt match -- i put it on flat part nothing change -- so- if anyone could help me -!! or make video for me -- dam i ve watched all video on youtube and try it nothing happen -- !!? is that cuz i ve thin finger with big Joints of the fingers ??? pls someone tell ME !! :C that's sad
It's hard for most beginners. You just have to stick at it and it'll come.
haha -- really -- !! do u think so and my fingers -- are normal and can do that !!? -- !
i had a horrible time learning to do barre chords. it's been years, but i remember how much they sucked. it helps if your guitar has low action and lighter strings - if your guitar has really high action or heavier strings, it is harder...
-- uhh i think my guitar is high action a little -- i ve that .. good strings .. i feel sick of that barre CHORD !! :C

Stick with it and practice. I find the best way to to play Barre chords is to bend my index finger slightly instead of having it rigid across the strings. Also, when learning them, place your hands in the correct positions for the chords and press down really hard for about ten seconds, rest for ten, then repeat. It will build muscle memory. They WILL get easier. Good luck.

Rock on, Brother.

Make a slight J shape with your index finger (J the top of your finger), and stay pretty close to the frets. Also, great advice from patticake, to get light strings. It will cut down tremendously on fatigue. The best song for me to learn barre chords was the acoustic version of Layla. It's pretty slow and uses a mixture of barre and open E chords.
A combination of masochism from myself and my teacher made me learn barre chords after 3 lessons. I think they're the first real challenge when starting guitar, and it's all about persistance and determination, so keep at it, you will get there in the end.
What barre chord is it that is killing you so bad? I found the E sahped ones easy, but the b ones killed me for a while. Best thing I can tell you is to just practice at a slower speed and make sure you have it right. Whenever you fret it then play each note individually to make sure nothing is dead, then play it a few times and repeat.
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Practice is definitely going to make perfect if you stick with it.
I found when I was learning say an "F" chord get your 3rd 4th and 2nd fingers set and THEN add on your index for the barre. For some reason when I did this it made all the difference.
thnx PPL <3 ... that's really encourage !! .. hope getting better in barre chord SOON !! im trying to make my finger on [ J shape ] playing that acoustic song layla !! thnx that's really help !
It's all in the wrist and thumb. Try this.
Make an E chord with your last three fingers and lay the index finger along the nut. Keep the index finger straight and directly above the thumb to get all strings down firmly when you move up the neck.
Use your thumb to get a good "pinch grip". My thumb ends up pretty much on the necks underside's centerline as it moves up the neck. Roll your wrist to an angle so the pinch feels good, barre chords with a straight wrist puts my thumb on top, not under the neck where it needs to be. Rolling your wrist around also puts your fingers at a straighter angle down onto the fretboard, cleaning up the notes produced by them. Rotate the grip so your fingers go straight down, and the neck isn't in the palm of your hand. When I barre grip, the only thing touching the neck is the index finger, my finger tips and my thumb, but everyone plays differently.
Move up the neck to an F, using the index finger instead of the nut, and there you go, barre F major chord.
Same with 5th string rooted notes, Make an A with the last three fingers, pinch with bend in the wrist. Move up the neck or change last three finger positions as needed.
I hope this helps. Properly done with a setup guitar there should be no reason for a monster grip or any effort other than the lightest of pressure to hit the chord. There's a whole neck up there to be explored.
Rock on.
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ya i had this problem still kind of do. i started in october and now i kidna got barre chords. most of them down. but keep in mind i play a lot maybe 2 hours a day. and i like really concentrate cuz i get into the music haah. the more u practice the more finger strength you will get. sooner or later u WILL get it down but it takes work, or at least time
uh -- that G string always dead .. :C haha myhand so tired now -im gonna try tomorrow <3