Hey all.

So tonight i wanted to record something with my new mic.
I went to record something on my acoustic and BAM the bridge snapped, so i had to use an oldish song i've been sitting on.
The Acoustic guitars dont sound too great, but they had to do.

This is just a sort of Sampler of the final product that i will be recording in a month when i get back from hawaii(woo holiday)

The song is called "looks are everything"
Its the first song on the player.

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the effects are real cool on the guitar. Personally, I think you could do more with it and making a more melodic riff. The vocal hook with the "personality now" is real cool, and the change to falsetto in the end is probably the best part of the song. Otherwise, the quality of the recording is great. I think putting in some sort of drum track, with some cool build ups, would really add a lot to the song.

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