I've come to the point where I question my own methods and would like to know what others do that I may be missing out on.

In relation to recording instruments, centering around guitar & vocals

My current method for guitar is to record 4 tracks in total, and pan them either 100% left for 2 and 100% right for 2 OR one 100% and one 75% both left and right,
as for vocals I am honestly unfamiliar with the best methods, should there be two recorded tracks or just the one centered?

I just want to see what other techniques are used by UG members and see if I can better my own
Guitars left and right, not center. Record naturally but tight.

Vocals and bass up the middle maybe slight panning depdning on composition in certain places

Drums I pan them according to how I would hear them if a drummer was infront of me.
edit: i.e each piece pan seperate.

Gist of basic layout or me
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Just listening to some of the stuff on your CatharsisStudio, I'm impressed by the drums on the tracks, they couldn't be ezdrummer?
with vocals, depending on the kind of song it is, i would have just one take up the middle and double any harmonies and pan them out to the sides. i try not to pan anything on top of another track, so if my guitars are 100% L & R, i'd bring my harmonies in a little closer to center. if i have any pitch correction and timing correction plugins, i would probably at least double both melody and harmonies (2 or more on each side)

with guitars and the music i write, i'm quite satisfied with just two guitar tracks panned out and however many lead guitar tracks i need to get the sound i want.

bass is always straight up the middle, and with drums the kick is always straight up the middle with most other pieces panned out slightly in relation to where they are on the kit.