So i found all of the parts to the peavey raptor i used to use, and decided to rebuild it. Im just wondering if anyone knows what kind of of wood its made of? Im thinking of droppin a dimarzio tone zone in the bridge because i played a charvel with one in it i liked. So does anyone know what kind of wood the body is?

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why was it in parts?
it would seem that everyone pulls apart their first guitar for no aparant reson...

however, +1 to james, if its plywood, look in the cavitys, you should be able to tell quite easly.
if you cant, post a pic and we might know.
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Mine amazingly isn't plywood, i don't know what it is though it's very light coloured. Probably basswood or poplar, two of the cheaper light grained woods.
if its a exp plus check out my thead in my sig im overhauling mine there are pic of the body wood in the first post
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my raptor was plywood, i lit it on fire trying to be cool like hendrix, thats how i know, burnt all the finish off
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