I'm using my RP250 to record through USB into REAPER. It works well for the most part. For an audio device I can choose between:
- DirectSound where I can still use "DigiTech USB 1-2 In/Out" as the input device but I often have to wait a lot after pressing record for it to actually record(i.e. horrible latency)
- ASIO(the RP250's ASIO, not ASIO4ALL) where I can't hear anything(therefore can't use a metronome). I tried fiddling with the driver's settings but there's not much I can do.

Is there a setting in Reaper I've missed where I can set two audio drivers, one for input and one for output? Or does anyone have other ideas?
where are you monitoring from? its likely you need to plug the headphones into the rp250. when you plug that guy in via usb, it essentially becomes your new soundcard and all routing now goes thru that.
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perfect!! It works! Hole in one, Kivarenn. Thanks

I can't believe I haven't tried this before.