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I will be building a guitar in my tech class at school. I hope to build a fretless, jazz styled guitar. I will be building the body and doing the wiring in class but have decided to buy a cheap guitar for its parts (neck electronics, hardware). The guitar was only $40 and is good condition. However, the neck is in semi bad shape. Not only is is bowed (which is a simple fix) but it is also twisted (clockwise looking down the headstock. It's to the point where the lower strings will not sound when played open.

So, is it possible to fix this? If i brought it to a music store would the be able to fix this?

On another note, should i wait to get it fixed while its on the current guitar, new guitar, or does it matter at all. I dont want to get it corrected only to have it go crazy when i take it off.
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what type of guitar? how bad a twist?

if you say you have too much bow, then you'll probably want a Clockwise adjustment.
seeing as how it's already twisted clockwise...

probably a huge problem and not worth fixing.

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