and apart from a few dents on the body (which I can live with), there are a couple of dents and chips in the fingerboard, and a bit of fret damage. Is this easy to repair? Cheap to repair? I'm really gutted right now
ouch, that sucks dude

bring it to a shop and get them to take a look

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Nearest guitar shop is 10 miles away, I can't drive and its way to snowy anyway if I could. This really sucks, I got that strat from New York only 5 months ago, and taking it back home here in the UK was a hassle and a half anyway. Oh well, as long as it works again after, I'll be happy.
What kind of stand can topple with a guitar on it?
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Quote by Zhuriel
What kind of stand can topple with a guitar on it?

Any stand if it's on uneven ground or get pushed hard enough.
I rang my old guitar teacher just now and he has assured me its okay, and I can take it to him when I want to. I just looked at the fingerboard a little bit more, and it looks maybe more like the rosewood is dented and splintered rather than taken clean off. And only two frets are damaged too, and not too deep, so maybe I can get them filed. I shall let you know.
ouch.... that said, fenders are built like tanks, my mim telecaster has taken numerous drops and dings, and even fell off the strap and fell down the stairs leading into my basement and its still just fine yours should be okay too but if my american strat fell like that id be

like 5 years ago a friend of mine was playing his black USA strat that was only like a week old and the strap gave out and his guitar fell and landed on the hardwood floor..... and there wasnt even a ding on it.
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