I just got a new expensive guitar, and my old one got pretty dirty and stuff of the fret board. I actually care about this new guitar I have so how often do you guys clean the fretboard and what do you use? Also do you lube the strings and polish it often?
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I use lemon oil on my fretboard about once every 2 months. I use a soft toothbrush first to remove any build up, then apply Dunlop's Lemon Oil, and wipe the excess away. in terms of lube on strings, no....I change mine often enough....I would never apply anything on the strings, at 4-6 bucks a set, its just better to change them out in my opinion

if you are worried about build up and sting wear, make sure you wash your hands everytime before you play, makes a BIG difference

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I lube the strings at the nut only, but i use GHS' Fast Fret every once and a while, if i don't feel like coughing up $10 for strings.

It just makes the strings feel fresh and newish, but they still sound broken in.
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I've found you can scrape quite a bit of dirt off a guitar neck without damaging the neck...don't quote me on this though!

I've read on the Taylor website that they use really fine grade steel wool. I'm not sure what measurements they come in, but I think it was basically the thinnest you can get. Also, cover up the sound hole with a towel or something if it's an acoustic cus bits of the steel wool could come off and go inside the guitar. I suppose the fibres will probably be attracted to the magnetic field of the pick ups on an electric too so I'd cover those too!

I use lemon oil as well! But you shouldn't use it on maple fret boards (don't know why...that's just what it says on the bottle!). I use as little as possible though.

I used to use a string lube, which is supposed to leave a microscopic film on the strings and frets to protect them from the natural acids in your fingers, but I found that over time, these microscopic films build up and make your neck look horrible. I don't know, maybe I used it too often.
I have an electric guitar maintenance book. It recommends, and I can attest that it works, to just use hot breath and a paper towel on your fretboard. Helps get the dead skin off. I do it every string change. Every 3 string changes I use lemon oil. Thats pretty much it.