Was playing the other day and noticed that when playing the 21st & 22nd frets of the high E that the string would be touching the neck pickup meaning that it gave the wrong pitch.

so i'm assuming i need to raise the action, though ive just noticed i don't have the thumbwheels on the bridge!?

how can i raise the action without them?

(not sure if it counts for anything but i've only recently had the guitar set up)

any good advice would be greatly appreciated.
Maybe the neck pickup is too high, if there is no buzzing on other frets.
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like Zhuriel said, i would lower the neck pickup before raising the action. especially if the action is in a good spot for you right now! raising the action can make the guitar less fun to play, but lowering the neck pickup should solve the problem.
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blue lines.

you can tilt the pup if you want.

if you find you want more bass, you would keep that side higher. that sort of thing.

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Yes the standard setup for LPs is to fret the strings (Low & Hi E) on the last fret and measure the distance from the bottom of the string to the top of the PU pole pieces. I say polepieces vs PU body because some people (myself included) actually adjust the poles to form a radius (arc) to match the strings radius or at least get close to one.
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