hey this has really been bugging me lately cos everytime i try to put new strings on my guitar the tuners get really stiff at some point and before i can even tune it to standard tuning the tuners wont go any further, if i keep going the string snaps!!!!
PLEASE HELP!!!!! i dont want to waste any more new packs of strings!!!!!
Ok first is it an acoustic guitar or a classical guitar. If went to the store and picked up a light set of strings for classical guitar the strings would be around 12 gauge which will not tune to standard. If you have any strings that are heavier than 11 gauge they will break because of too much tension on the strings. Try getting some 10 gauge strings. The only other reason I can think of as to why they are breaking is you are stringing them back up wrong. Are you wrapping the strings around the outside of the post (where the tuner are) or the inside (where the headstock is)?
its an accoustic guitar like i said in the title and ive tried all the gauges but they still snap!!!
and i cant imagine how the hell u cud wrap the string around the post and tune it........
im threading the strings throught the hole then tuning it
acoustic can mean anything.

is it a steel strung guitar or a nylon strung guitar?

i recommend going on google or youtube and searching a video on how to change strings. watch the whole thing, because none of us know exactly what you're doing wrong.
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I've honestly got no idea wtf you're doing but my guess would be that you may be trying to tune it to a crazy octave higher than the average standard tuning. Take it to a guitar shop and ask them to string it for you in front of you so you can learn how to string your guitar properly. Most folks are pretty helpful.
^I agree w/ Disaronno. That's the only thing I can think. Must be trying to tune it to the wrong octave
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come on guys i know what standard tuning is!!! i always do it to my other guitars and i tune them perfectly!
i have steel strings btw