Could someone please point me in the direction as to how i would tune to a Tremonti DADADD tuning?

Sorry for being a pain!

do you have a tuner? or are you going by ear? if by ear, do you know how to tune to drop d? do that, then tune the b string to pitch with the low d, then the high e string to pitch with the now d tuned b string
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drop the both low E and high E down to a D
leave the low A and D strings alone
and raise the g string 1 step to the A (match it to the low A string when its in standard)
and drop the B string to the D (match it to the D string when its in standard)

edit: oh yeah and be careful when raising the G to the A
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its super hard...
you tune your guitar to DADADD
and there you go

i know its a big deal and all. but im sure after a few tries you can get it