I have a knock-off strat HSS configuration-I want to modify it to make it dual-humbucking.

Besides the cost of the pickups, approximately how much would it be to have a luthier do the modifications necessary?

well it depends on the pickup holes. if its cut for each pickup then it will cost a bit, but not much id imagine. if its a pool type (just a single rectangular hole), then just the cost of a new pickguard. check around at local shops if any for what they're offering.
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well if you arent dead set on having a luthier do it, a chisel can cost you like $5,and you can do it yourself. DOn't worry about not doing as good of a job, because it will be under the pickguard and you can't see it.

You will have to buy a new pickguard though.
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Also, how difficult is it to rewire the guitar to fit the new humbucking pickup? I suppose I should have asked from the beginning basically how to do this mod...the ins and outs I guess.

Tnaks very much for all of your help.