I've started learning some sweep picking lately, but unlike picking each note while muting the previous string when you move on to a higher string, I can't mute the strings since my whole right hand is moving up and down. As a result, I play all of the notes, but there's a constant sound of the open strings buzzing along with them? What am I doing wrong?
well, im no good at sweeps, but from what my guitar teacher has told me a good practice to get into is muting strings with your right hand as you go. dont push down on the strings, but just enough to stop them from vibrating. coming back up this is difficult, so try doing the same thing with your left hand.
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i've been having the same problem, even at slower speeds. maybe lower your action a bit if possible? so maybe moving your fingers causes a little less vibration on the strings. but im not sure about that either. so good luck to you.
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I tried muting them as I go along, but I usually end up muting the note that should be heard as well. Maybe it will just take weeks of practice...
Mute the string as you lift your finger up, then mute whatever's left with your right hand.
Yes it will take weeks of practice, be sure to go slow and do it perfectly, it will help you greatly later on when you won't have to think about muting.
Well I've made some progress. I moved my picking hand closer to the neck pickup and with about an hour of solid practice, I can play some basic sweep picked arpeggios. My palm was too close to the saddles before and wasn't muting enough I guess.

Thanks for the help!
whats also fun and really easy to do is lightly muted the strings with your right hand at the top of the guitar around the first fret. do your sweeps without picking just pressing down hard enough so the note will ring out until your finger comes off then it goes away. it works with some sweeps and soime i doesnt but it definetely sounding better.

using the neck pickup makes sweeping sound twice as good