4|eight studios is located in rural surroundings in western Denton County, Texas, and is dedicated to providing quality digital mixes and masters to artists/groups on a budget, who cannot afford the sometimes ridiculous prices of producing a recording that sounds professional and radio-ready in today‘s world. 4|eight specializes in post-production, mixing, and mastering, for genres ranging from pop to metal and anything in between, all at affordable prices. The ideology of 4|eight is that in many cases, a lot of poor or mediocre-sounding releases suffer not from poor production/recording efforts, but from a subpar mix or master. A lot of pride and effort is put into your work here, using both standard and sometimes unorthodox procedures to produce a viable digital mix and master that provides the polish and punch sometimes missing from independent and local releases.

For 4|eight's grand opening, we are offering rates at dirt cheap prices as a way of introducing ourselves to the DFW music community. Please email for a quote on your project!!

For more info, check out www.myspace.com/4eightstudios, where we have a demo of our work.
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