Hey! I thought that, as a bit of mixing/reamping/whatever practise, I could upload a complete song for YOU to mess around with! I know that a lot of you dudes have a hell of a lot of talent, and might have some fun ****ing around with this, and for some of the noobs, like myself, you might also enjoy having a go at this

The style of music that this song is, is a mix of metal and plain hard rock, its not grind-core! Don't let this put you off though, having a good and varied mix of music that you can mix will be good for your musical talent or some kind of shit Any way, forget that, I'm rambling

In the pack, I have included ALL the DI tracks for all 9 guitar tracks and all the bass tracks. You will also find all the drum midi patterns, and a rough mix I did myself of the song, so you can have a listen to what it can sound like.

Here it is - http://dl.dropbox.com/u/3163522/Inhalation%20Of%20Bile%20-%20DI%20tracks.rar

Now go ****ing wild with this! Do what you want, change anything you want to, just post your finished results up on this thread when you are finished so I can hear what you can do

And the best finished mix out of these, will be used as the FINAL version, which will then have vocals added, and posted on all the websites

If anyone would kindly do the vocals, please post here or email me at vai@usa.com I need someone who can roar and sing to do the vocals, I suck so much at singing myself!

And again, if you have any problems or questions, just PM me, or email me at vai@usa.com
Seem like a pretty creative way to get someone to mix your stuff for you for free. Good luck with that!
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Quote by Sid McCall
Seem like a pretty creative way to get someone to mix your stuff for you for free. Good luck with that!

+1, haha.

Though I suck terribly at this, so I'll actually be using this for practice. Thanks TS.
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