Very nice tone in these guitars.. Love the drive of the intro, and those leads are very tight. About 40 seconds through, I'd love to hear some vocals here. Then the solo comes in like 1:25ish - sweet stuff man. Whoa, the part where it all drops out is sick. I like those new drums coming in, but they don't seem very good quality or at high enough volumes. I definitely like this part, very epic guitar lines. I think it ends a little early - it would have been nice to go back to that intro right there for a cool finish. However, I really dig this. It was a lot better than I was expecting, and although the chords were relatively simple-structure, the creative lead licks were very cool. I also really enjoyed how there were like the 2 separate parts to the song; it was nice to hear the change but it still worked together as a whole.

Overall, this is real tight. This song really deserves some vocals and nicer drums in the second half and it would be perfect. Very original stuff, man. I'd love to hear more.

Crit mine?