hello UGs lyricists,

I am currently starting as a vocalist in a deathcore band, even though I primarily play guitar. Therefore I am unaccustomed to being responsible for lyrics. I realize now though that it is my responsibility from here on to have them with me. Now here's where I need help:

Writing lyrics for metal is going to be difficult because I am left to wonder
What should the songs be about?
How can I write a metal song when everything seems to have been done before?
Should I use metaphors, similes, or is that too cliche?
What's one thing a lyricist should never do?
Is rhyming in the song off limits?

Lastly, I don't want them to be disgusting lyrics though either. I know a lot of metal bands like to scream about brutal murder and cumming blood and crap but I'm not into that. I'd much rather write a coherent song with meaningful lyrics that are dark and powerful.

Any help is much appreciated.
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