Hey guys,
Me and my good friend Benj are currently looking for some members to form a band in sheffield.
We're both first years at Hallam, so down there for a couple more years at least.
Both been in a previous band:

I'm the singer, Benj is the guitarist, so leaves another guitarist, bassist and drummer to find.
Benj has just got a brand bew telecaster and has a orange cab and marshall head set up - so got a real YM@6, K.I.G.H, with a bit of prophets style sound going on.
Looking for relatively experienced and talented members. (But we realise everyone has to start somewhere and our old band only did a few gigs, so strong musicians are the main thing - basically have to be able to play similar stuff to the myspace above haha)
Guitarists that write similar stuff and any members that are comfortable with backing vocals would be a great addition!
e-mail tomf1991@aol.com or PM for more details if you're interested