I'm interested in getting the English Muff'n... having trouble deciding between it and the Blackstar HT-Dual or HT-DistX, and the Radial Tonebone Hot British. Question is, can I use the Muff'n output jack in the same way I'd use the emulated output on the Blackstar HT pedals, as a preamp into a computer?

Also... totally random question, but do you think it'd stretch to metal territory with 12AX7s in it? I know that's more the Blackstar's thing and I want this pedal for rock tones mainly, but if I were away from home and only had an amp with a clean channel, could I use it for metal (like, Metallica, Dethklok, etc), perhaps coupled with a TS9DX?

EDIT: I'm leaning more towards the Blackstar HT Dual now. Suggestions/thoughts?
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I like it as a OD on the clean channel it sound really nice, creamy bluesy and it can do a good job as a distortion pedal, however as a booster it is hard to get a good sound out of it, but it really colors your tone.
I have no experience with it using the direct out.
I figured that rather than get an English Muff'n and make it do what the HT-Dual does, I'd just get the HT-Dual so I did, picked one up on eBay for $212.50AUD tonight.