Hello Everyone,

First post

I have the following problem:

I replaced my old JT580LP for a Gotoh on my Jackson DK2M. Problem is, that I cannot get a proper intonation on the 6th string due to the String lock screw being to long.

I was thinking of buying the short Schaller lock screws, but those only will fit on a schaller Floyd Saddle.

Besides reducing the length of the gotoh screws using a misc tool, or taken wood out of the guitar, is there any place were I can buy 6 short lock screw? (something in the middle of the gotoh and the short Schaller)


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Im not sure about any of this, exept that you should definitely have long screws, much better sustain and fixes other problems as well.
Thanks for the response. Yes I also think is not good to use short screws such as the schaller ones. I am only after screws that are just little shorter than the ones I have.

I have been looking all over the net, but no luck ._.