Sorry if this is against the rules.

One of my good friends, Tasia, committed suicide last night. Rest in peace Tasia, you were an amazing person, and I won't forget you.

Pit, this is the first time I've cried in 7 years.
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Sorry to hear man. Condolences.
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My condolences.
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sorry to hear this man...

hang in there!
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Sorry to hear that but I wouldn't post stuff like that here dude.
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so you came here looking for sympathy?
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My condolences.

But uhhh... maybe the Pit is not the best place to pay tribute
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Sorry to hear this man...

Maybe the PIT isn't the right place to talk about that... too many douchebags

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Condolences to you and the friends and family. Mods might close this, but I'm sure they understand we need to vent.
lol @ rip dimebag.

yeah the suicide thing is pretty sad.
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Sorry for your loss, but this is really not the place to post this and you would probably be better off turning to your family and friends.
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