It probebly deserves it's own forum for god sakes, or maybe it's just me, I relly don't like this kid's immage and I couldn't help the subliminal messaging in his videos, and what hollywood is doing to him, ever see the System of a Down Aerials video? Well this is exactly it, it what happens to every child star and at the end they eventually ruin them, but was it their choice? yes of course, is it wrong, yes but what isn't these days. I understand the whole child star thing, but for god sakes can he atleast be good, or atleast stick to the rock genra, I seen him play guitar, he's not bad, but why rap/pop or w/e? On top of everything his vocals fit with Alven and the chimpmunks, even so, he sings from his throat, not his Diaphram, just like Miley Cyrus, and the guy from Marroon 5? Ever seen the guy from Marron 5 sing live? His voice is so weak! That's why they probebly out of buisness.

Let me tell you a story, he was being a douche bag to my gf when we went to see him in the West Edmonton Mall (apperently the biggest mall in the world "sigh, not much of an interesting place I could tell you that"), so me and my friend that I met up with came up to him right there when he was on a buisy time answering each fans questions, and we asked him "Justin have you hit puberty yet?" and he looked at us confused, and replied "what?"; so like the a-holes we are, we just walked away laughing.

Not that I hate him or anything, because if you hate someone without a good reason then it's posesative jealousy, I just hate hollywood, but I love to see girl's reactions when you start making fun of him, they are all rednecks for godsakes, they probebly think Europe is a county lolz.
So what? I mean this kid made more money and had more girls in the last year than we all might probably have in our lifetime...

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^ that's true. I mean don't get me wrong, I in no way like him, but still. He probably has more zero's in his bank account than we will make in our entire lifetimes. And don't worry. After a couple years he will be old news and he will fade away.
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