I'm new to the electric guitar world. I've been playing acoustic for awhile. While I love the sound of power chords and feel I'm pretty good at them, I have a question. I've read several threads about how to play power chords and watched several YOUTUBE videos, but I can't seem to find a definite answer (if there is one). I feel a lot more comfortable using my index and pinky finger to play the power chords. I realize everyone will say "whatever is comfortable to you", but is there a "correct" way to do it. Will using my pinky finger instead of my ring finger cause any problems down the road for hitting any other chords, notes or soloing? If there is indeed a "correct" way of doing it I'd like to figure it out now while I'm still in the early process of learning. Sorry if this is a repeat of several other threads, but I couldn't find any of the answers I needed.

Oh yeah...one more quick question. Do experienced players usually hit the strings of the muted strings when playing a power chord or do they just hit the appropriate 2 or 3 strings to make the chord sound? Example: 133000 chord. Is it OK to hit the 000 strings or should I really work on just hitting the 133? Thanks for the help!
What it comes down to is what feels right for you. There is no "right way". And question 2 - that depends on the sound you want to make. If you want to hear the muted strings then hit them, if you don't, don't - simple as that.
... What ever is comfortable...

Do not hit the extra open strings, because they are most likely not the notes in chord you are playing. A power chord is only Root-5th-Root, adding those other notes will most likely add a lot of dissonance.
when playing a 133000 or any other variation, you are actually playing 133xxx - meaning ONLY the 3 strings....power chords are NOT open chords

in terms of hand position - I dont care what anyone says, there is no wrong way, everyone's hands and fingers are different and really what works for you works, as long as you are getting a clean sound, with no extra strings ringing, you are fine

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I'm going to take the opposite position here and say that you really need to use your index and ring fingers - this one does matter. That way your pinky is free, so you can play various shuffle type rhythms that use a power chord as a base and hit other notes with the pinky.
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