OK so in the past 6 months ive learnt alot about what guitar and amp you should use for a decent tone, playing live, etc.

...now i need to get all that stuff.

Ive recently decided on firstly looking round for a used Triple X/3120, ill be looking around a while but who know i might get lucky. What this thread is really about is: isnt that chickplate on the XXX really terrible?

While searching a way of getting round this problem i foun this on the XXX/JSX/Ultra thread:

These red leds i thought looked amazing, but i loved the sound of the XXX so ive decided to try and find a way to alter the triple X's looks. A couple of days ago i made a thread deciding which amp i was definately going to get. While doing so eyebanez told me about modding the amps looks.

On my profile ive made a mockup of what i would love my amp to look like and to be a unique Triple X.

I found a site where i can get grills cheaply, and a place to get some red leds but i do not have a clue where i can get diamond plate inside the UK, would anyone care to help me?

Finally i would like to top it off with either a peavey badge or a specially made badge, where could anyone recommend me to get either of these?

I would like everyones views good or bad and some different recommendations of my mockup amp. I would also like to know if this will be possible to do my self or would i need to have proffesional help to complete
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