Okay, so I've been playing for 2 years, and have always just set my switch to either treble, or the middle (both pickups on). Is it okay to do this? It's just that the rythm switch sounds horrible on my amp, and middle sounds like it has too much bass. Sorry if this is a stupid question, lol.
no... you can set your switch however you think it sounds good. there's nothing wrong with that.
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its just preference, most rockers prefer bridge, while most jazzers (sounds dirty) use the neck. its all what you think sounds good (I use 2 and 4 on strat)
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Noob question :P

But yes its totally okay to switch between them , up to what sound you want
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It's all about how you like your sound.

One good use for the neck pick up is to use it when you want smoother leads high gain leads. Or sometimes it's nice for a warmer clean sound. I also use it for slightly dirty blues lead. It's ok to not use a pick up if you simply don't like it, but I would suggest exploring the sounds and uses of the feature before you write it off completely.
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