hey well i have tuned my acoustic into drop c i have done it right i am sure.

i firstly tuned to standard i then put a capo on the fourth threat and tuned the low e string to standard, i then put the cappo on the second threat and tuned all the rest of the strings back to standard.

now when im playing a song i really hear the rattling, how do you guys get around this?
Well the most obvious and maybe BEST answer is to try this same thing, but with much thicker strings. Maybe .12-.13?
thanks for the response can anyone recommend me some strings (size) that they use for drop c
Why were you using a capo while tuning? I'm having a hard time understanding what you're saying. If you want to be tuned to drop C, you'll probably want 12 or 13 gauge strings. D'Addario EXP 17's would work fine.

Edit: I see how you tuned it now. It seems like a very strange method, but I suppose it would work.
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Easiest way for drop C if you're only doing the top three strings is tune your low E twelfth fret to match with A string third fret. Then tune by ear from there. But anything in the 12 or 13 gauge will probably help, but some buzzing is to be expected with drop C. It sometimes gives a really pleasant sound.
i only used a cappo for tuning because i had some trouble tuning as i am not very experienced