I've never been able to define what a blues song is. Does it need to be I IV V? No. Does it need to be 12-bar-based? No. Does it need to be guitar based? Definitely not. Does it need to be rant or a moan? Preferably, but no.

This has lead me to opening my ears more to things I wouldn't normally listen to. I've made some great discoveries doing this, some of which could arguably be described as blues songs.

So my idea for this thread is for people to share what they believe to be blues music that you don't think other people will be particularly familiar with. I have a few in mind but I'll get the ball rolling with an example:

Alicia Keys - Fallin'

Probably one that most people are familiar with, but I defy anyone to tell me this lady isn't singing her blues in this video. She's incredibly talented and has a stunning voice and lyrics to this song in particular have "blues" written all over them.

If this thread falls flat on it's arse, then so be it. It could be quite interesting though...
I IV V is just very common in blues, but not all blues songs hve it. It is as common as a ii IV V in jazz. Extremely common but not 100% necessary
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