Im considering buying the new behringer V-amp 3 but I can hardly find anything about it on the internet. Does anyone here have experience with this effect unit? How does it compare to V-amp 2 or Pod 2/3? And does it come with a bag+footswitch+adapter like the V-amp 2?
If its anything like the other V-amp...its going to be worth its weight in shit as far as tone goes...I like some Behringer stuff...but the v-amp series is not part of that group

might be an improvement over the older ones...but it still sounds harsh to me, even after he turned the treble down. Clean sounded OK...crunch = Can't really trust videos though.
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Check "Harmony Central". They should have some sort of review. I had the V-amp2, and owned it for two years. It always served me well. I think of it as a poor-man's POD. I hope this helps you a little.
I bought a V-AMP3 and am very glad I did. It seems like a slightly improved V-AMP2. No bag or foot-pedal. But they add a UCA222 for connecting to computer for recording with the supplied Energy XT 2.5 software.
The multi-language instruction sheet provided is way to brief, but a better user manual is a free download from the Behringer/product/v-amp3 website.
Maybe other products can do similar things, but the main competitor is six times the price!

Anyone who can't get great tones with a V-AMP3 hasn't really tried. The main limitation is just your own imagination. When Behringer release a rack version I'll get one of those as well.
They're not as bad as most make the V-Amp's out to be. The effects aren't that great, but a lot of the amp models are usable with some tweaking. You could always pick up a used Pod around the price of a new V-Amp3.