So, I'll probably be getting this amp from a friend for $100 this weekend. He's selling it to me cheap because there's a problem with the input jack I would need to get fixed, and also because we're friends. I was wondering what the general consensus o this amp was - like if it's a decent amp. A few reviews I've seen suggest that it is. I was also wondering if anyone had an idea of what it might cost to get the jack fixed. I'm not sure what the problem he's having is exactly, I know that he won't get any sound from the guitar though unless the cable is pulled back over and around the head and between the head and cabinet. So maybe it's just a problem with it being loose or something, I don't know.

Any info that anyone can provide is greatly appreciated. I couldn't really find a better video or a page from a retailer on the amp since it seems to have been discontinued and no one carries it anymore.
$100 for any valve amp isn't bad at all, and hey if you don't like it you can probably sell it on for more.

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Its just a hybrid amp with a single tube in the preamp. So not really a tube amp. I knew a guy who had a hartke hybrid and it wasnt a very impressive amp. Only thing it had going for it was it was cheap.

As for the input it could be the jack itself. Or the solder connections where it goes into the board. Some amps can have a problem where the PC board itself will crack and have intermittant connections.

A bad jack not a big problem easy enough to fix with a new jack and a soldering iron. The bad solder joints not really a big problem. Cracked board can be a not so bad problem or a really serious one depending on how they build the amp, Im going to er on the side of dont buy it until you know it can be fixed.

When I say small problem or big. My epi the jack is mounted to a small board with wires then ran to the main board no big deal unsolder the wires put a proper jack in it. The hartke they probably mount the jack straight to the board yanking the cable out or tripping over it can bend and crack the board. You dont fix a PC board not very successfully anyways or for very long.
Well I think that you can still get sound from the amp as long as the wire is pulled in the right direction. Sort of like a broken pair of headphones if you know what I mean.
Also, I might end up giving him $200 total for the amp, 3 pedals, a power cable for the pedals as well as all the little wires to go with the pedals. Sounds like a damn good deal.
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Most likely you just need to bend the jacks connector in a little bit.
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