Im just curious how some of you made the progression to listening to jazz....as it is something i kinda eased into.

For me it started with blues(i can imagine that is the most common path to jazz). Before blues it was mainly rock/punk/metal. Now after discovering jazz I rarely listen to blues...then again I never got too deep into the blues. Jazz is alot to take in and mainly I find myself listening to jazz guitarist, the instrument i am most familiar with. I just wish I would have discovered jazz earlier. I was reading an article the other day with Kenny Burrell who said he started listening to jazz at age 8. Then again there wasnt much else back then...
I only started listening to jazz when I joined the jazz band at school because it was pretty much necessary haha, I wasn't that into it, more into the idea of what it could teach you about the guitar and how to approach it.

I'll probably get into it a bit more, but at the moment the limit of my jazz playing is jump blues. I can enjoy listening to it, but don't really have any real motivation to play it. The whole jazz snobbery scene was pretty heavy at high school and it put me off. All about showing off and hardly about making good music.. ; /