Searching for a suitable guitar on craigslist.

I stumbled upon a MIM Fender tele for a decent price and wanted to know what you guys think of its condition, pickups, and how much its worth.

Heres an email from the owner with additional info-

Not really any damage. no scratches or anything. But you could check for yourself.
I'd like 350 OBO within reason. pickups and mods were $200 in materials alone.
Not to mention the work put into it. It seriusly plays better than my fender american deluxe special edition worth 5k. This is one well my and well mod'ed mexican. fully setup also.

and its 2-3 years old but not played at all by its former owner before me.

I have 1 Hardshell with a crack in the plastic but other wise new.
1 fender american case from 2004.
1 fender american case from 1989. I'd pref to keep this one it has memories.

Heres the craigslist link-

Yeah, that's a great price. Expect a ton of TWANG from those saddles and nut, though.
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Seems like a cool tele. I love mine. But with all that brass its going to be really twangy.

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The fretboard is dry because it is more than likely made in China.

I wonder how he came to this conclusion.
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