Hey R&R,

My band is about to begin the recording process. We just got a Tascam US-1641 interface, some SM57's, all the relevant hardware, etc. It's great, but we're trying to record the guitars using Peavey Revalver with Cubase, which came with the interface. Cubase works just fine... the internal VST's are great and we're having no problems there. However, third-party VST's (Revalver as well as others) make the track silent when we play it back and we have issues with the computer freezing when the interface is plugged in while the VSTs are on.

The drivers and firmware are fully updated. We're running a laptop with Windows Vista (so everything is 64 bit) if that helps. Is there something we're doing wrong with the VST's in Cubase? I'm inclined to think so because while Cubase and the interface both work together, none of the plugins are cooperating.

Sorry for the wall of text. I hope somebody can help us sort this out.



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I know I'm going for a really duh answer but are you making sure this button is off when you play it back?

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