'Sup everyone,
So, I've been looking for a new guitar to be my #2 in command, as my Ibanez Xpt700's Edge III makes it a bitchy business changing tunings, which I'd like to do a lot. The RGA42 has caught my eye, as it's got pretty much everything I want atm:

Heavy sound
Non-extreme shape
Fixed bridge
Fast neck (love them wizard necks!)
24 frets
Affordable (345€, or $494 here in Finland)

I also like the active pups and the idea of the active EQ circuit. Overall, it seems like a very reliable and decent piece of equipment. Sure, no Prestige or Custom Shop stuff, but a gorgeous guitar all the same.

Now, I'd still like to hear opinions. Anyone have this? Anyone tried this? Anyone have any other recommendations for guitars with similar features?

The fixed bridge is a MUST. If someone could suggest something like the RGA42 but with a neck-through construction, that would be gr8, but, unfortunately, I think it'll fly over the budget easily.

I'd play mainly metal & rock, anything from old 80's hair metal like Ratt to Children of Bodom. I'd be changing the tuning between DADGBE, DGCFAD and CGCFAD.

Any input will be appreciated!

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WEll if you are willing to spend a little more money, i would go with a schecter helraiser c1. i have it and its absolutely amazing for metal
but otherwise i would stick with that ibanez
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I have the RGA32.

Best value for money I've seen in a while, and the RGA42 is even better! (they didn't have it when I went n bought a geetarr)
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I've only played the RGA32, but the 42 is the same guitar with a prettier finish. If the RGA body is your thing then go for it! Tis an awesome guitar!
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