well here's the deal my band(still not named), are performing our first gig, (in the middle of another band's gig), it's in about six weeks, so we're obviously not worried, even though it's gonna be in front of about 200 people. Anyway we need help with a setlist, they have to be good hard or soft rock songs that crowd(just normal everyday people) are gonna know.

here's a couple that I think we might do for starters; all right now by free and smooth by satana. suggestionsssss
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beatles ones are always crowd pleasers... so are zeppelin one... TTH if your in canada everyone knows... cant think of many new things... oh stripes are fairly well known (and easy). good luck!
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Sex and Candy by Marcy Playground, Plush by STP, Amber by 311, Any popular Black Keys tune, Glycerine by Bush is easy as hell and a crowd pleaser, Four kicks by kings of leon

All solid tunes