hey guys

ive got a Randall RG50TC with a bad monkey OD in front.

ive read that matched tubes give a better tone? so i took a look at my pre amp tubes.

there are 2 sovteks 1 electro harmonix and the 4th is in a metal casing.

will matched tubes yield a great improvement in tone? and instead of putting el34s in could i have a tech put 6l6s in?
Matched power tubes.

You can mix up preamp tubes all day long for different tonal variety. It all depends on what you like the best.
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Electro Harmonix are just re-branded Sovtec's anyway but as far as the preamp goes feel free to mix and match
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EH are not rebranded sovteks, they are two different tubes.
Matching refers to the electrical properties of power tubes, where they need to draw the same amount of current to work most efficiently. Mixing preamp tubes is a good way to tweak your tone.