Ever since the credit crunch has started alot of stores I go to have started doing trade ins where you take in your guitar and they'll give you a range of prices for your guitar for example if I was gonna tade in for a PRS they'll gimme like £400 for the guitar, if I was trading for a Epiphone they would give me £200.

Now compared to the old trading in like when you take in your guitar they'll give you a price and you'll get the price taken off your new guitar now matter what brand it is.

Which way do you prefer?
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Selling a Marshall DSL401!
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money off next purchase is good if you want an upgrade, whilst a straight sale is good if you don't want gear and are trying to clear out, it all depends what you want. if anything prices shops give ave probably gone up as people can't afford new gear whilst they're more prepared to buy used
Since I have been playing guitar 40+ years stores have taken trade in's at least hear in the states anyway. You should never trade in or sell your guitar to a store. You'll never get more than 50% of it's true worth cash or if they give you a trade in value it's only about 10% more of what they give you in cash. If a store is giving you 400 for a PRS it's worth 800 on the street same with the Epi if they give you 200 it's worth 400. Your better off selling the PRS to a privet party for say 600 the Epi for 300 is's better to take 25% less of the price the guitar shop would sell it for you have more money in your pocket towards your next purchase and you gave someone a deal compared to if they bought the guitar in the shop you gave it to. Rather than get screwed and the shop profit double at your expense.