i just found my uncles vintage Earth Sound research super bass producer series amp, its appears pretty old, its a 700 watt head and 200 watt cab, with dual 15 inch speakers, i have 3 questions, how good are Earths? How can i search the serial number to find out its age and lastly how costly it would be to replace the speakers?
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Earth amps were reasonably good amps back in the 1970s. They didn't have a big distribution network, so they weren't very common. They were built somewhere in New York. Since the company has been defunct for a very long time, I don't know if there is any way to search the serial number. There is an unofficial web site dedicated to Earth amps. Is this what yours looks like?

really, thats interesting, well i dont really care to much about the age, and no thats not what mine looks like, ill try to post a pic of it, would you know of any good and reasonably cheap places to get a pai of 15 in speakers
I played a Peavey a while ago that looked just like that and had a 215 cab, it sounded great. If this amp is a clone of that then you've got a great find there.