I just got my first tube amp and I wasn't expecting the guy to give it to me with tubes, but he gave me 3 of the 4 6L6 power tubes i needed. I know preamp tubes need to match, but do power/output tubes need to also?
You have it backwards. Preamp tubes don't need to be matched, power tubes do.
why would he only give you 3 out of 4? thats so... random. and yes power tubes DO need to be matched, but preamp tubes dont.
Did he say why he only gave you 3 of 4?

Your were going to have to buy a match quad anyway if you weren't expecting tubes. So do just that.
3 out of 4?

He probably broke one and replaced all his power tubes at some point.

I think you're better off just getting new tubes altogether. Unless you can get someone to match the tubes for you for cheaps, the effort involved in matching tubes would be quite massive, and you'd need quite a stock of similar tubes to get one which matches the tubes you have.
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there were 4, one broke during the transfer. the thing is that power tubes are generally more expensive (right?), and the kind he gave me seems like it would be pretty hard to find a fourth (it just says "specially designed for Fender ... 6L6") but seem pristine.
but preamp tubes dont need to match?
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That label isn't the factor behind matching.

Just get a new matched quartet.

but thats like $50 (possibly unnecessary) and im a cheap bastard!
"Specially designed for Fender" = garbage groove tubes.
(just my experience...)

These guys have it right.
Buy a quartet, matched, get it biased.

A REALLY good, friendly tech might find you a single to match your 3, but you'd really have to trust the guy.

What amp?
just spend the dough get a quartet and have them biased, or spend the money on a doctor for headaches if you decide to try and find this single tube
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