Ok, so i always start messing around with my guitar and then i come up with something that would be good in a song so i write it down. But the thing is, is i can never write the rest of the song i just get bits of songs. Any Advice would be great.
keys, scales, and chords my friend.
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this is actually a great thing to hear..

put all your bits together...

change the keys to match, keep a decent skeleton of your song..

dont be too critical at first! noone has ever wrote their number one hits on the first try! ever! just keep tweaking to to your likings and try different things, even if you dont think it would sound good.. if you dont have enough bits, dont try to force the rest of the song, just set the guitar down, and relax, play something you like!

take critism, ask around, see what ppl think...

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Im glad you asked this question, i've been pondering over it for months and months now

I've come to the following conclusions about writing music, hopefully they make sense to you

The first problem I suppose would be the ability to 'see' the scale, constantly, even if you're focussing on one chord at a time. If you see the entire range you're working with, you'll move around within it with a lot more efficiency and purpose, and subsequently you'll be able to kind of push and pull the different faces of that scale together into a good foundation for a song. I guess this is why they stress music theory, knowing it is one thing but having a vision of using it is another, much more challenging thing, comes with time

But the thing I hit upon a few weeks ago was, when you're gonna write a song, even if its just an instrumental, I personally gotta have a defined sense of what it's going to end up as before I even begin. I.e. the purpose of the song, the influences I want to use, the energy of it. And that 'sense' is something that I can only have, if I have one strong inspiration for that song.
Meaning, simply, that I can't write a song which satisfies me and is a display of my identity. But, i can write one song about one part of my identity, and so on and so forth... and there, in that enormous nutshell, you have 'the musicians neverending journey'. Every song you write can only express so much. So, choose one theme and sacrifice the rest, even if it isnt the killer tune that'll change your life.

Finally, it helps to write the music with another person, because they'll make the choices that you cant decide upon. Its an easy way out. It wont be YOUR song alone, but it'll help you get through to the end for once and put it aside as something you created.

Hope you find the light at the end of this tunnel, it is driving me up the wall.
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