I was thinking it'd be nice to be able to have copies of my songs from Guitar Pro on my iPod. The reason for this is because to write lyrics, I usually just listen to it, and at a certain point, I'll start singing. I'll keep playing the parts over and over, and keep writing the lyrics just by singing over it; this isn't my only method, but it's proven to be quite productive, as long as I have some form of emotion or event to base it off of.

So, currently, the two ways I see this being possible is by recording the MIDI, or recording what comes out of my speakers with a camera.

I like to use RSE, so I don't really like the first way, although I'll do it if necessary. If I do use the MIDI, will that be playable by my iPod, or will I have to convert it?

The second option would obviously yield poor quality.

Does anybody know a better way to do this?
Control Panel - Sound

Make sure the device Stereo is enable and work, disable every other for recording.

Open Audacity

Record while Guitar Pro play... No need of a mic...

If it wasn't your problem then sorry i just wasted your time...

yes, there is a trickier one. Tricky, if you dont know how to set it up right.
When you choose export, chose "export as wave". Now i dont really remember, i think you need the line in option and a very low recording volume, but you can set these as soon as you click "export as wave".
i have 2 examples in m profile, they are both made in GP 5
After going through "export as wave" .etc you have play your song from the start to the finish for it to record. Like szekelymihai mentioned though, the recording comes out at a very low volume. Don't have a clue why =/
do you have an interface?. plug output to input, turn off MSN or anything that can make "random sounds" during playing. use a recording program like Audacity and record that input when playing that song on Guitar Pro

Another way is to export -> wav and select "what u hear" and play the song. remember if your computer lags (this may happen) the song wil drop out of time.

Remember that RSE doesn't really sound awesome, but for monitoring it's far better than MIDI.