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RIP Katie Rios.

EDIT: I know it says they havent released her name but mutual friends who were her neighbor saw the cops and her being carried out.
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Woah. My condolences man. I hope they find the bastard that took her life, and I hope you and her family are getting by okay. I'm very sorry you lost her.
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That sucks.

Accept this hug from me dude

Sorry again
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I'm sorry for you, man.

Be strong, she wouldn't want you to break down.
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Dammit... Sorry, Jamison.
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wow man, words fail to express.

Im Sorry.

EDIT: Dude, I live really close to you. Wow. Not to often you get kids being killed around here.
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EDIT: holy shit...I seen this on the news at 6! Don't always see people from the area on UG.
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My condolences...

On a vindictive note, go four brothers on that mother f*ckers ass!


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My condolences to you, that's terrible. Stay strong for her.
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Dude, I'm so sorry...

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What can I say man.
My condolences. To you, her friends and her family.
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wow im sorry.

it seems a teen boy is the suspect. Do you have any idea who could have done this?
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Sorry to hear that, TS.
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That's awful.
My condolences go out to you, her family, and friends.
Be strong were always here for you
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condolences man
Goodnight Sweet Prince

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Awww no. My deepest condolences of luck getting through this difficult time.

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My condolences to you, that's terrible. Stay strong for her.

? More like stay strong for himself/her family. She's at peace.
Holy crap...

You see these little articles in the paper and don't give much thought about them but...

Many profile views... few friends...
So sorry to hear. Stay strong.
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TS, I am so sorry for your loss.

I wish to offer you my condolences as well.
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I am sorry for you loss, please accept my e-hug.
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wow dude that sucks
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