how can you find a "good" BC Rich, because I know even though there is alot of crap bc rich guitars out there, there are some good ones.
get a custom shop rich, though lately some of the higher end imports have gotten better, do they still use nato though, not the best tone wood and not a member of the mahogany family
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Bad BC Rich:

-Most bad BC Rich's have B.D.S.M pickups.
-Tuners will most likely be BC Rich Die Cast.
-The neck will be a bolt-on. (not saying bolt-on's are bad)
-Wood will be either basswood or agathis.
-Licensed Floyd Roses (again, not saying all LFR are bad)

Good BC Rich:

-Will be neck through.
-Either Rockfield Pickups or EMG's.
-Original Floyd Rose
-Made out of Mahogany

This most likely doesn't apply to 80's-90's BC Rich's- just the modern day ones.