Hey pit,

im looking for a good song I can combo with my friend on.
Something like Rock Solid by Dance Gavin Dance


starting at 2:50 it begins what im talking about
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Paradise By the Dashboard Lights -- Meatloaf.

... might work a bit better if one of you is a girl, though
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tell me what you want, want you really really want
i'll telll you what i want, what i really really want









I really cant staaayyy

Oh baby its cold outside

Ive got to go awaayyy

Oh darlin so cold outside

My father will start to worry

Oh beautiful whats your hurry

Well maybe just a half a drink more...

There was never such a visit before.
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Total Eclipse of the Heart?
Need fashion advice?

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every rap song featuring Lil' Douchebag as a guest artist
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Just suggesting a back and forth song not really to do with Dance Gavin Dance but Comfortably Numb
Remember, this too will pass.

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