no pics (sorry) but heres the deal. i bought a brand new esp ec-401 with a floyd. i love it but hate the floyd on it. i have an ibanez s320 with an zr trem so i thought "why not, i want an esp ec, i'll grab the one with the floyd". but some things on it drive me nuts. when i use it it makes this awful grinding sound like the springs in the bad are scrapping on something. also, the fine tuners stick out big time and my hand is always rubbing against them and it drives me nuts. last but not least the trem bar sticks up a ton and every time i use it it rattles around. maybe im spoiled from the zr but i am heavily leaning toward sending it back and getting the one without the floyd. anyone have a similar issues?
Adjust the springs or something and see if that helps. I've never heard anyone with a grinding sound coming from their tremolo springs.
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Hey, I don't have similar issue, but i'll try to help anyway.

I say if the one without the floyd is a lot cheaper and you paid a lot more for the floyd, exchange it. If not and the money isn't much of a difference, I'd say just take it off yourself if you can.
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