1. Go to Google
2. Click "I'm Feeling Lucky" without entering anything in the search box.
3. See awesomeness.

I know I'm almost certain this is really old news but I thought I'd show everybody anyway.

I hope it works for everybody else.

Knappen «Jeg prøver lykkenTM» fører deg automatisk til den første nettsiden som kommer opp som respons på forespørselen din.

Et søk med «Jeg prøver lykken» betyr mindre tid på å søke etter nettsider, og mer tid til å lese dem.

lol wut?
Haha, that's cool. Note, you have to do it on the classic home for it to work. Anything else like iGoogle doesn't work.

HERE IS THE LINK YOU HAVE TO CLICK FOR IT TO WORK: http://www.google.com/url?sa=p&pref=ig&pval=1&q=/webhp%3Frls%3Dig
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This was posted yesterday
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This was posted yesterday
Darn it

Quite ironic really.

pretty epic.
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return 0;

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. com / fancy-elle
"Le bouton "J'ai de la chanceTM" affiche directement (et uniquement) la page Web la plus pertinente pour votre requête.
En utilisant le bouton "J'ai de la chance", vous passez moins de temps à rechercher les pages Web qui vous intéressent, ce qui vous laisse plus de temps pour les découvrir !"

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don't think it worked...

classicedit: never mind it worked after a second time
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lolworthy- classicrockboy WIN of thread.
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Happy New Year

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