Heres my situation. My music style is stuff like Mark Tremonti from Alter Bridge, but also some All That remains, a7x, BfmV, and even some lighter stuff like Skillet, Kutless etc. But mostly Hard Rock.

I have a little $600 to spend. My original plan was to get http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Schecter-C1-Plus-Electric-Guitar?sku=513010 (assuming guitar center still has some) with http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Peavey-Vypyr-30-30W-1x12-Guitar-Combo-Amp?sku=482909/. As for chords, picks and a case--well I was hoping that either I could get someone at guitar center to throw some in, give me a deal on something, settle for a gig bag, or try to get some money from the parents :P

However, I was just offered this as a a deal. An Ibanez RG220B, that has an HSH setup. It's basically brand new, has one little ding on it. All set up nice too, no buzz, verrrrry low action, locking tuners, floating bridge tremelo etc. It plays pretty nice, but the only other electric guitar I've played was my friends squier (i'm coming from playing an acoustic) so I'm not sure how it'll play compared to the schecter. It also comes with a really nice case with velvet interior, and cables.

The kicker however, in my opinion from playing it, is the amp setup. It's a Fender Princeton Chorus (I don't think its a tube version.) Purchased...I THINK in the 90's but I'd have to check if it made a big difference. Either '90s or early '00s. It's got 2 speakers, I think they're 10". I've looked up the amp and it says it's only a a 50w, however I looked on the back and it said something up around 125. It sounds really nice, and bedroom level volume is around 0.5 so it's gonna get LOUD.

It also comes with a Zoom GFX8 board (http://www.zzounds.com/item--ZOMGFX8) The thing sounds amazing. I can get so many sounds out of it, from Seek and Destroy Metallica, to One, to nice clean, Hendrix, Satriani, freaky phasers and more.

So the guitar, amp, amp pedal, effects board, cables, case, and maybe some random picks and strings for $400. It really seems to be a steal. But I'm not too sure how good the guitar is compared to the schecter, and if the amp will be as good as it sounded.

I'm REALLY leaning toward getting this setup It's from someone I know very well, and trust too, so that makes it an easier buy

It seems as if my choice comes down to a better amp, or a better guitar. PLEASE HELP!
dude i say go 4 the ibby i just got 1 bout $150 less (a GRG170dx) than urs and i luv the HSH pick ups bt sooner or later u will wanna buy a guitar with dual humbuckers
Well, it depends whether you want feel or sound. Expensive amps always sound great, you can't beat a Marshall, and that Princeton sounds like a sex machine. If you're having trouble playing the stuff, you might want to try the Schecter.
I'm leaning toward getting the amp and effects for SURE. Just those 2 are $250, so if I could find a used Schecter somewhere i'd be set.
Don't know your style or anything, but will say this:

I have purchased two Ibanez RG220s over the last year or so. Got them both used - one for $200 or so, and one for $180 including hard case. The first one has the 5-way pickup selector, and the second one has the 3-way.

In my opinion, they're really good for the money. I've been very impressed.
Schecter C-1 Classic Raven RG20 + Digitech RP50

Man, I could go for a 7 right now...